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Top 5 Benefits of Mindfulness

Mindfulness means being totally aware of the thoughts and actions in the present moment. Mindfulness is all about being present in the present, with body, mind and heart and not over reacting about either past or present. Most of us are so deeply caught in this web that we find it hard to be mindful […]

Pros and cons of Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms like facebook, whtsapp, instagram, twitter etc have become a part of our social life and the majority of the people around the world are accessing them. Many people use and maintain even multiple social networking sites.  But the sad fact is that people are only aware of the benefits, but, there is […]

Small Efforts does lead to Bigger Success…

If you are told that you have to stop consuming soft drinks for the rest of your life, you will not be motivated to follow that. But, if you were told to stop consuming soft drinks just for an hour, or for a day you will do it happily. If you are told that you […]

Odisha, an Earth quake Prone Zone – Are We safe in Our Homes

Natural Calamities like Floods, cyclones and earth quakes are not new to Odisha, and these are recurrent. But, the latest statistics which reveals about Odisha is really bothering . According to Mr. K. V. Singh Deo, 17 among 30 districts come under Earth Quake Vulnerable Zone III, either fully or partially. The Earth Quake Zone […]

Life, the best mentor

If there is one best trainer or mentor in the entire world, it is our own Life. Life teaches us so many valuable lessons, but the difference is some learn it early, while other take time to rectify and progress, and most of us learn it lately, when we repent for our doings. Life is, […]

Do we Learn to Earn

If we look at our present educational system, we get various doubts, if learning is merely for the sake of earning? We consider ourselves well developed and sophisticated in many ways as compared to our previous generations. But, when we look at ourselves and the people who live in our societies, we have become simply […]

Environmental Safety Concern, Need of the Hour

People worldwide are shocked to witness increase in the incidents of natural calamities and unpredictable weather. Each year, during summer the temperatures registers high rise as compared to the previous years, similarly during winters, temperatures are too low. Also, there is no sight of rain, when there should be rain, and farmer’s life has become […]

Develop Patience in You

Perhaps, this is the only thing that we humans of today badly lack and mostly need. Yes, we all have this tendency of being impatient and we also know the value and the place that patience holds in our life. But most of us fail to exhibit it, when the moment arrives; maybe we are […]

Top 10 Tips to Reduce Stress

Many of us think that we are aware about stress, but the fact is, what all we know are myths about stress. But, it really is necessary for us to clear these myths. Yes, because knowing the myths associated with stress helps us to deal with it in a beneficial and positive way and helps […]

Last Moments are Eye Openers

If we were to ask this question to various people, everyone would give a different answer. Some may say Parents, life partner, friends, lover, everyone has his own answer. But the fact is quiet different, a small tremor in the earth and we run out leaving everything and everyone we love. Any natural calamity or […]

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