Affirmations and Their Benefits

Affirmations and Their Benefits
May 30, 2020 By Gouri Achary Life

Affirmations are positive statements modeled for a specific outcome, and which are repeated again and again until they are imprinted in our mind and the desired result is achieved. Knowingly or unknowingly we all give affirmations to ourselves, but most of the times the negative ones.

            Say, I am not good at this, I cannot do this, I have such problems, and our mind accepts those statements to be true and those same words and affirmations that we give to our mind manifest as real life situations. There are some more statements that are given to us by others, you are not worth it, you cannot accomplish this, all these are again negative affirmations, and if we empower them by thinking about them then, you manifest them.

            So, if you want to see positive outcome in your life you have to pay attention to your affirmations. When doing a work are you affirming to yourself that yes I can do this I blessed with all the skills and will see success. Or are you discouraging and demotivating yourself by saying that I cannot do this. Both the cases affirmation works but one for a positive outcome and for your benefit and the other against you and give negative results.

            Our mind is like a computer, if we need to achieve specific and desired positive result, we need to program it accordingly. You give positive affirmations and suggestions you get positive result, and you feed it with the negative ones you get the same result. So, first you need to gain control over your thoughts and then need to rearrange them according to the result that you desire.

            These affirmations if used repeatedly, regularly and with focus and faith they have the capability of changing your life forever.  Because they influence your subconscious mind and thus transform you in every way. To get the best results out of affirmations, you need to keep up the positive thinking about the desired result throughout the day, because if you give positive affirmations for 5 minutes and then rest of the hours during day you keep yourself occupied with negative affirmations it’s not going to work. It’s like taking 5 steps for word and walking backwards rest of the time. 

            So, consistent positive thinking and continuous positive affirmations are absolutely necessary to lead a successful and happy life.

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